6 Tips to Increase the Energy Efficiency of your Pennsylvania Home

With the arrival of summer to Mechanicsburg, PA comes the increase in air temperature, which can wreak havoc on your wallet when the energy bill appears. Have you taken steps to make your Pennsylvania home more energy efficient?

This month, we’ve highlighted some areas in a home that are the biggest culprits in increasing your summer utility bill, and provided you with tips to address these issues.

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

  • Consider replacing your old single paned windows with more energy efficient options. Energy-Star rated windows have been documented to save a household anywhere from 7-15% on their monthly energy bill. If replacing your windows is not an option for you, be sure to survey the weather stripping and caulk around each pane and seal up any areas that could leak air.
  • Take a good look at each of the doorways leading out of your home. Does the weather stripping need to be replaced? Do you feel a draft when you close the door? If changing the weather stripping won’t fix your problem, it may be time to invest in a new door. Remember, you’ll start to see savings in your utility bill immediately when you stop the stream of air flowing out of your home.
  • Are you planning to build an addition on to your existing home? Keep in mind the cardinal direction of your windows when you’re drawing up your plans. South and west-facing windows will bring in the most light, but with the benefit of light comes the detriment of heat in the summertime. You may want to consider a window pane with a higher level of UV protection, along with the installation of some simple blinds.
  • Adding an exterior overhang on existing large windows can work wonders in reducing the amount of heat that enters your home. This can also aid in protecting your home from storm damage.
  • Keep your rooms well ventilated by installing ceiling fans to keep air circulating throughout each room. By circulating the air, you’ll insure that the air temperature in each room is more consistent from top to bottom, giving your air conditioner a bit of a break.
  • Did you know that most of the cool air that escapes your home occurs in your ceiling and attic? Although you may have insulation throughout these areas, it’s the small gaps that are created around light fixtures, plumbing pipes and chimneys that provide escape routes for the air in your home. Take some time to survey these areas this month to assess just how much area you’ll need to address.

If any of these areas of your home could use some attention, please give us a call at 717-791-9495. Let our team of experts at Ed Metzger, LLC help you save money on your utility bills and increase the energy efficiency of your home!

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