Bathroom Trends of 2016

Last month we talked about overall home trends of 2016. This month we want to look at trends and ideas both old and new about bathrooms. A bathroom is not the focal part of a house, but a well designed bathroom can make all the difference in the world. The use of space, lighting, and furnishings can give you a sense of peace that is very much needed right after you have reluctantly pulled yourself out of bed at 6:27am. Here are some points, both general and specific, of what designers are talking about this year.


Look at your bathroom as a place of escape. Most of us cannot afford a trip to the spa every week, but if you plan your bathroom out well, it can feel pretty darn close to that. What sort of mood do you want the room to inspire?

Focal Points

When a person walks into the bathroom, find a way to draw their eyes to a particular furnishing or detail. Have a daring mirror or beautiful art print. If you have an eye for accessories, pick out statement hardware.

Light Colors

As in last month’s blog we mentioned light colors, so too it goes for the bathroom. Light colors are cheerful, make the space look larger than what it is, and give you the opportunity to emphasize the focal point. Plus, with light colors, you can change the patterns of your accessories fairly easily.

Heated Floors

Floor rugs only go so far and stepping on the cold floor can be a bit of a jolt after exiting the warm shower. Heated floors keep you warm and cozy until it is time to put on your shoes.

Creative Tile Patterns

Tiles in a straight row have a bland feeling to them. Take a look at design books for arrangements that are arresting to the eye, such as chevron, or mixing and matching the tiles themselves.

Rain shower head and separate handset

Shower handsets are a wonderful invention, but the dynamic duo is a shower with both the overhead shower and a handset to use at the same time. You will definitely feel like you are getting royal treatment!

Shower seat

While we’re talking about showers, a corner seat in a stand-up shower can be quite useful, especially if the shower is used by someone with handicapped needs, a visiting elderly family member, or just because sometimes you want to sit down.

Trough sink and free standing tub

Country chic is the look of 2016. Trough sinks and free standing tubs make one think nostalgically of an earlier time, but with gratitude for modern conveniences.