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Simple Kitchen Upgrades


Have you fallen out of love with your kitchen? Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In most homes it is the center of all the action. Research has also shown that the kitchen is the number one place that upgrades are noticed (and rewarded) in the selling of a house. A full […]

Painting Tips from the Pros


There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give your rooms that extra something you have been looking for. Painting is by far one of the easiest projects for do-it-yourselfers to tackle, so why is it so hard to get started? Perhaps you’re just not sure where to start. Below are our best […]

2016 Home Remodeling Trends

201604 Trends

Trends can be merely a fad (For A Day) that is here today and forgotten next month, but this is not always so. Some trends not only have a long lasting aesthetic value, but they also consider what are our current needs now and ideas folks come up with to solve these problems. This month […]

Screen Out the Bugs, Screen In the Relaxation

back porch

Nothing beats summer mornings sitting on your porch drinking a cup of coffee and reading the news on your tablet or an old fashioned newspaper. Or what about evenings outside while visiting with good friends, playing a game, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the nighttime with a glass of wine. This is the place […]

Let’s Tackle Your Basement!


We’ve talked before about why you should finish your basement. The benefits of this project are numerous, to say the least. More living space, more home value, more options. No need to sell you on the idea and you are ready to get started! Before you start daydreaming of your man cave/sewing room/exercise space, there […]

Shakin’ the Winter Blues Away, Home Improvement Style

With the New Year comes the end of the excitement or the bother of the holidays, depending on whether you are Buddy the Elf or a grouchy Scrooge. With normalcy returning, now is a great time to consider some home interior projects you’ve been pondering for a while.. If you like to entertain a lot, […]

Remodeling on a Budget


You have a home project you want completed? Great! It is certainly exciting to create something new in your home or make something seem like new. The final product gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, not to mention comfort and beauty. That is of course, once you have made it through the stress of […]

Tap Into Your Basement’s Full Potential


Basements can be a mysterious place. Either we were that child or we know a child who was afraid to go alone to the basement. It was ominously scented of a musky dust and water combination, dark and impossible to find the light pull, and the concrete walls and floor made it a forbidding space unless an adult […]

Keeping Your Home Protected From Water Damage


If you own your home, at some point along the way you realize that a huge portion of the problems you encounter have to do with cracks, water, and gravity.  Keeping moisture out of the structure of your home can seem like a daunting task, but we have some tips to ensure that you make […]

When DIY Might Be The Wrong Choice


There are so many reasons for remodeling your home. Whether it’s saving money on energy cost and utility bills, a new addition to your family requiring some extra space, repairing the damage from the storm over this past winter, or finally installing the dream feature to your living space; each project is unique and can […]