Going Green Can Save You Green

Does this ever happen to you?  

The weather is finally perfect, your winter blues are officially over, you’ve gone on a few long walks through the neighborhood, and as you round the corner back to your house you suddenly get the urge to rip the entire façade off and try again.

Well friends, you’re not alone.

May is National Home Improvement Month. It’s the ideal time and climate for these longer term, deeper impact projects we all dream about tackling.   With that, we have some considerations for you:

It’s Easy Being Green

Green design is no stranger to the modern homeowner. In fact, energy efficient (or green) design and remodeling has grown in popularity on a global scale.  The consideration for sustainable resources has dramatically affected the trends of the whole industry, whether that design happens in homes, businesses, or elsewhere.

The number of green projects hired out to general contractors is expected to double over the next five years, and companies will plan on sustainable efforts to make up 60% of their workload.  We think this is good news. We live during a time in history when it’s easier than ever before to make choices that contribute more positively to the environment and energy use.  And almost any improvement you make to your home can help considerably in terms of how that building manages its own energy use.

It’s All About That Paper

The first consideration, for almost every venture we make, is how much it’ll cost.  The good news is that certain projects will make your house better equipped to let you live a more mindful way as a consumer plus save you money.   Whether that’s considering the addition of solar panels or lights, replacing your windows with more energy efficient models, adding a skylight,  insulating your walls or basement, sealing your air leaks or another project; the money you spend now on updating your home can save you a boat load of money over time.

Keep in mind: Small and manageable projects are completely appropriate to carry out by yourself. But a word to the wise: with large projects, it’s highly recommended not to tackle these alone.  Professional contractors are your first line of defense to make sure your home improvement venture is safe, sustainable, beautiful, and cost-effective. There are lots of horror stories about DIY projects gone awry, leading to damage to an otherwise lovely home. Seeking the assistance of a professional can steer you clear of such mishaps.   There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing that a lot of hassle could have been avoided, and a lot of money saved, had a project been carried out correctly the first time around. It’s best to make a careful decision about what level of proficiency a project will require, and know when to call in the reinforcements.  Life is about minimizing regrets, and we’re here to help.

At Ed Metzger, we are willing and eager to talk you through some of your options and advise you on the best way forward to be green and save money.  Give us a call this month, and take advantage of the best time to do so!