Let’s Tackle Your Basement!

We’ve talked before about why you should finish your basement. The benefits of this project are numerous, to say the least. More living space, more home value, more options. No need to sell you on the idea and you are ready to get started! Before you start daydreaming of your man cave/sewing room/exercise space, there are a few practical things you will want to make sure of before you hit the “Go” button.


You may be thinking that this would be a perfect DIY project. Well, maybe for some it would be. Those with hands on experience remodeling houses may be well acquainted with all the steps necessary to make a project successful. But for a good number of folks, wiring, plumbing, installing drywall, and ensuring a room is well insulated are activities they are not accustomed to. Plus, the idea of working nights and weekends for one to two or more years to finish a basement is not exactly appealing. Staying up late watching 439 YouTube videos for this or that step is not the same as hiring someone with 30-plus years of experience on the job who can give you their full attention.


At Ed Metzger LLC, we are well aware of what needs to happen to complete a project well and in a reasonable amount of time. We have seen a lot of basements and varieties of spaces from projects done for our customers. Collaborating with you, we can offer suggestions for how to use your space to its best advantage and give input of what would work best. Plus, we make sure your home is up to regulation and that the wiring done correctly so that safety is not compromised. If your project will include electrical and/or plumbing, it may be necessary to pull permits and there are always codes that need to be met. We’ll make sure that these things are taken care of and will be one less thing for you to think about.


Check out our online customer reviews to see how we have been able to satisfy clients in a wide array of home projects. We hope to add you to the list!


Refinishing your basement is a huge investment with regards to time, decisions, and finances. You will want to make sure it is done well and by hiring us, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the final outcome. Give us a call today at 717-791-9495.