Not All Windows Are Created Equal

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We want to make sure you have the best available information during the process of any kind of home renovation. Your house isn’t only your home; it’s an investment… Knowing what choices to make, and what to consider when you’re making them, can dramatically impact your home’s curbside appeal, its comfort level, and its resale value. Here are a few vital factors to keep in mind from the start:

Staying on top of Window Repair

Central PA is filled to the brim with gorgeous old homes clustered together on crowded city streets and peeking out behind rolling fields.   Old homes are filled with character, charm, and unfortunately, the potential for cracks and drafts. Staying on top of maintenance and repairs is a must for keeping your home comfortable and safe   If you’re making plans for your home as the snow starts to let up, it might be time to consider replacing your windows.

So repeat after us, new windows:

  • Decrease financial and energy costs associated with my house
  • Decrease the cost of maintenance
  • Increase resale value of my home

The Location Game

You can read more about the window services we provide on our website, but we’ll make sure you are well prepared wherever you’re situated.  If your property is subject to a homeowners association, a neighborhood policy, or historic district, you know what it’s like to be handed a rulebook about restrictions to the changes and alterations you can make to your home. In fact, you may have run into horror stories.

Make sure, before you sink a lot of time and money into your project, that you are clear on what you may need to fit into your expectation box for the color and style of your next home facelift.  Keep in mind: many times, your older windows can be restored to look new and cost far less than a replacement window. This is a good tip for historic homes to avoid the headache of dealing with the homeowners association.

The Game Players

Make sure to know your stuff before making the right choice for your home Here are some common window materials to know:

Food for Thought: The National Association of Home Builders 2007 study reports that you can expect aluminum windows to last 15 to 20 years, as compared to wooden windows, which should last 30.  Vinyl and fiberglass windows are expected to last even longer. (Read more about window types below.)

Wood Windows

Strengths: Naturally resist transferring heat or cold. Challenges: Swell with humidity, require more maintenance, more expensive.  (Clad wood windows have wooden interior frames sheathed in a durable exterior material like vinyl or aluminum.)

Fiberglass Windows

Strengths: Durability, greater heat transfer resistance than wood or vinyl frames

Aluminum or Metal Windows

Strengths: durability, strength, maintenance free. Challenges: because metal conducts heat and cold quickly, they are a poor choice for energy efficiency.

Vinyl or PVC Windows

Strengths: Durability, low maintenance. (Some models have insulated cavities which produces higher energy efficiency.

This is all a lot to absorb, so give us a call at 717-791-9495 and we’d be happy to walk through the options with you.

Learn more about replacing windows here.

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