Remodeling on a Budget


You have a home project you want completed? Great! It is certainly exciting to create something new in your home or make something seem like new. The final product gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, not to mention comfort and beauty. That is of course, once you have made it through the stress of the project itself. While it is nearly impossible to avoid all forms of stress, there are things you can do to slow down the process of your hair turning white during your renovation project. One of the biggest struggles with home projects is with regards money (when is it never about money?). There are some steps you can take to minimize any financial troubles when completing a project for your home.

Actually Write a Budget

This probably sounds silly, but you can’t stick to a budget if you don’t have one. Give yourself framework from the get-go and use it! Making purchases can range from well-planned and the spur of the moment. Don’t let those spur of the moment purchases push you over what you can afford. Chat with a professional who can help you put together a reasonable budget for the project.

Do Your Homework

The cost of remodeling a bathroom will be vastly different from remodeling a kitchen. The size of the room itself, the cost of equipment, plumbing, light fixtures, etc. all play a part in the final cost. While not an exact science, we can give general estimates of what you can expect to spend on any given project. These projections and your own requests can come together to give you an understanding of how much you will need to budget for.

Give Yourself Time

Rome was not built in a day, and new laundry rooms do not just make themselves appear. Knowing how long a project can realistically be expected to take can help you budget the project out. Perhaps you don’t need all the money right from the go and can space out the spending.

Pick and Choose Between Fancy and Basic

Granite countertops are wonderful, but will you be willing to cut back on another expenditure to make your dream countertops come true? What and where are you willing to cut back? Perhaps you can decide to splurge on fancy fixtures that you and guests will see, but go simple on fixtures in closets.

Be Flexible With Unexpected Costs

The only things guaranteed in life are taxes, death, and unexpected costs when working on your home. When writing a budget, give yourself some wiggle room so that when the unexpected part you need costs $500, you won’t sweat it too much.

Trust us! We have worked on countless projects and are dedicated to giving you the best and most accurate service possible. Contact us about what you want for your home and together we’ll make it happen!