Screen Out the Bugs, Screen In the Relaxation

back porchNothing beats summer mornings sitting on your porch drinking a cup of coffee and reading the news on your tablet or an old fashioned newspaper. Or what about evenings outside while visiting with good friends, playing a game, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the nighttime with a glass of wine. This is the place where great memories are made. That is of course unless the elements of the great out doors hamper your enjoyment of said porch. To remedy this situation, a screened porch provides many benefits.

Adding a roof to your porch will protect you from the blazing sun on clear days and from the drizzling rain of gentle downpours. It is so delightful to sit outside listening when the rain is coming down in a non-threatening manner. And who can forget about those pesky bugs that don’t give you a minute’s peace? Say goodbye to itchy bites for good.

Before we begin working with you on this project, there will be several steps to consider and discuss. Adding walls and a roof adds weight to your porch and we want to make sure that the foundation can safely hold it. Deck safety is very important, and we’ll check the foundation for any signs of deterioration and ensure that it is securely attached to your house. For the purpose of overall aesthetics, the walls and roof of the addition will want to look like they belong to the house and not just something “added on.”

Other questions to consider include asking how big should the screened in area be? It can be as large as your porch, or perhaps on a fraction of it. If you like to grill on the back porch, best to not have open flames sitting under a roof. Also, since we are already working on this part of the house, do you envision a larger porch too? Think about the type of host you are. Will wiring need to be done to accommodate a sound system or TV? Are lights or a ceiling fan required additions?

We will work with your vision, needs and budget to create a welcoming, comfortable, and shall we say, snazzy place for your family to rest and enjoy each other’s company. Projects like this always increase the value of your home too, but not everything is about resale value. Make your house now what you want it to be. Give us a call and we’ll get started!