Taking Those New Year’s Resolutions Home

DeckWe’re now a few weeks into the new year of 2016 – how are those resolutions going for you? Maybe your resolutions aren’t the typical goals like weight loss or to stop smoking but are something to improve yourself within your family life, intellectually, physically, or spiritually. Is this the year you plan to sit down and read an entire Shakespeare play? Going to get your finances under control? Visit a state you’ve never been to before? Take a look at some goals you may have (Or may need to create! It is never too late to begin.), and see how improving your home just might make these goals become fulfilled.

If you are looking for more ways to spend time with family and friends, consider the flow of your house and how a better design could improve this. A nice sized back yard is great for baseball games and swing sets, but if there is no where welcoming to sit, then a patio or back deck might just be that finishing touch that will make you and your guests comfortable. Together we can design it to fit your outdoor seating, grill, and maybe that Jacuzzi you’ve always wanted. Your children are sure to love it! Another way to improve the flow of your home for family and friends is to find out if your kitchen can be opened up a bit. A pass window may be just the thing to improve the flow of a party with passing food and drinks and chatting with friends. Plus, it will make your home feel bigger and more open.

Are you looking to be more efficient with your time? How about being more efficient with your energy? If your windows or doors are more than 30 years old, seriously consider having them replaced. You will definitely see an improvement in your energy bills as the warm air is locked in during the winter and the cold air locked in during the summer. Or if the windows and doors are too expensive for you at this time, we can check them to ensure that they are latching properly and not letting out any air through small cracks. These little improvements can make a big difference in the long run.

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