Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

tools-15539_1280We love tools. It’s a part of our business and pretty much a personal passion. Even though we would never scoff at someone wanting to purchase a miter saw, most households have no need for such specialty tools. There are however, some basic tools that we suggest every homeowner should have in their arsenal for the minor repair or fun little project. Some may be obvious and others perhaps more obscure, but trust us. We know tools.


Probably one of the first tools man ever created, although thankfully we have upgraded to steel over a rock lashed to a stick. This is the numero uno staple to any home toolbox.

Screwdriver Set

Or a screwdriver with interchangeable tips will ensure you have the right tool to match the head of whatever screw you’re turning. If for nothing else you are going to need these to access the battery compartments for just about every electronic toy.

Measuring Tape

A 25 ft. tape measure is sufficient for most home uses, but small enough to stash in your catch-all drawer.

Adjustable Wrench

To tighten fixtures or assemble a swing set. Use a crescent wrench with a longer handle for more leverage.

Duct Tape

An all-purpose tape that can repair a multitude of things. From ripped tarps to even repairing an air duct (who knew?). This miracle of adhesiveness has even been used to repair components on the Apollo space module.

Putty Knife

Not just for applying Spackle, this tool is a great scraper to remove unwanted paint, wallpaper or even gunk stuck to a window.

Utility Knife

Cut cardboard, duct tape, slice string. This is a versatile tool that you will find a multitude of uses for. Make sure you buy one with swing-out blade loading for easy blade replacement.


From leveling appliances to making sure that painting is hung perfectly straight on the wall, you’ll need one of these handy. A 9 inch model should be sufficient for most homeowner needs.

Allen Wrench

Also known as Hex Keys, these so much wrenches as they are screwdriver type tools. They are used in pretty much any put-it-together-yourself furniture kit. You’ll want one that comes with a multitude of sizes to fit any need.

Safety Glasses

The last thing you want is for that simple DIY project to end in the emergency room. Take some precaution and where these. Opt for the high-impact models for greater protection.

This comprehensive list should get you started on the road to confident and capable home ownership. Have a home repair that requires much more than these basics? Give us a call, we’d be happy to help.