Our Top Ten Summer Weekend Projects

The summer is made for weekends. And weekends are made for projects (at least in our book). Sure you could sit around watching HGTV or home improvement shows, but why not spend the time doing something that will make your own home just as impressive as those on TV. So get off that couch, get outside, take advantage of this beautiful weather, and complete some of these fun and beautiful home upgrades:

Build a tree bench. Sound complicated? Well this wrap around bench that will be the highlight of your yard is completed in only 12 steps. You’ll be sipping some lemonade in the shade in no time.

Give your living space a little focus, with this chic sunburst mirror. It makes a great focal point for an entry way, dining room, or living room.

Bring back the birds, with an easy to DIY shadow box bird feeder. Forget the old fashion bird houses, this project will make each bird appear as a work of art hanging from your tree.

Saddle up to this (fence) bar. For $30 worth of supplies this creative fold down backyard table/bar attaches to a fence so it’s impromptu backyard party ready.

Catch a flick, in your back yard. An outdoor movie screen is the perfect excuse to have a summer party. BOYP (bring your own popcorn).

S’mores anyone? No camping needed with this easy and sleek looking fire pit. With less than 10 materials required you’ll have your own burning ring of fire by the end of the weekend.

Welcome summer visitors with a personal touch. This low-skill painted sign is a perfect project to get the kids involved and add a personal touch to your entry way.

If you’ve got a pool, you’ve probably got a lot of pool stuff. Wet pool stuff, everywhere. With the help of this PVC pool towel rack, all those summer supplies can be neatly stored and dried.

Step up your grill game with a DIY baby backyard smoker. This project requires the use of only one tool (we kid you not). You’ll have a smokin’ dinner in no time.

Don’t let summer swing by without a little back yard fun. This easy tree swing may be for the kids, but we’d have some fun on it too.


Projects for every home, for every skill level. So now you have no excuses left. Why are you still reading this? Get out there and get your weekend (project) started! If you need any help on your home improvement projects in Harrisburg, PA, we’d be happy to help.